Interview with CompuTec


Zelan Success Story

Zelan a manufacturer of thin walled plastic products, talks about their SAP Business One implementation and the business benefits they achieved:

In today’s global economy, your business is more than just your company , it’s anybody and everybody within your companies business ecosystem, wherever they are in the world.

To make the best moves and collaborate effectively, you all have to be playing the same game, connecting seamlessly, adjusting your strategy with ease, focused on the same goal.

No matter what barriers are around, or between you, the right business platform:

  • gives all the players in your business network the ability to communicate freely
  • work together as a unified entity
  • anticipate outcomes with precision
  • innovate on the fly and
  • turn challenges into opportunities

So you can keep the ball in the air and move it forward.

With the right business solutions, there are no limits to where your business can go: