Batch Control and Traceability



ProcessForce Batch Control and Traceability functions, provide the necessary process and controls to trace the genealogy of a product. While control functions manage the day to day operations of working with traceable products.

  • Batch and Serial number - define number formats and counters
  • Shelf Life - define the life period of a product in days and hours
  • Expiry  or Consume control - define batch management policy
  • Expiry Date - manual or calculated date based on shelf life period
  • Consume By
  • Vendor Batch Number - manually record the Vendor/Suppliet batch number
  • Inspection date period -  define the period between inspections
  • Inspection dates - manual or calculated dates for future inspection dates
  • Warning inspection and expiry date - define the warning period for batch review
  • Batch properties and values - properties inherited from Product Master Data
  • Quality control results - actual test result values stored against batch properties
  • Complaints - review a list of batch related complaints 
  • Batch genealogy tree - forward and backward historical view
  • Recall and Audit Report - list of customers and batch recall reconciliation 
  • Drill down - transaction and document traceability navigation
  • Inventory and Batch reports