Data Collection

To improve the accuracy of data, and to streamline production and inventory process flows, ProcessForce provides a fully integrated data collection and label printing solution. The solution also covers SAP Business One functions *.

  • Goods receipt from purchase order* - record goods inwards inventory based on a purchase order
  • Goods return from goods receipt* - return inventory back to a supplier
  • Licence plate - create license plates
  • Licence plate review - display the build of a license plate
  • Inventory Counting* - stock taking process
  • Stock transfer* -  inter-warehouse and bin inventory transfers
  • Pick and Pack* - pick and pack materials for delivery
  • Delivery* - pick inventory for sales deliveries
  • Pick order -  pick inventory for production orders
  • Pick receipt - record products, coproducts, byproducts and scrap inventory produced during the production process
  • Goods issue to production* - issue material to production orders
  • Goods receipt from production* - record products, coproducts, byproducts and scrap inventory produced during the manufacturing process into the warehouse
  • Time Registration - record time and material quantity for production orders
  • Labels - print labels during data collection processes