Recipes/Formulations/Bill of Materials

ProcessForce provides a simple but flexible solution for creating process orientated bill of materials.

  • Items – define materials  within the product structure
  • CoProducts – define a product that is usually manufactured together with another product
  • ByProducts – define material of value produced as a residual of the production process
  • WipItems - define work in progress materials for reporting and visibility purposes
  • Scrap – define the scrap that is produced during production
  • Simple or Product Formulas – define simple or formula based relationships between materials and parent products
  • Scrap, Yield and Factors - define value and percentage uplifts for materials
  • Revision - define revision specific product structures
  • Phantoms - define phantom product structures
  • Multi-level - define multi-level product structures
  • Attachments - to define and link to detailed instructions, procedures, videos and other such media files
  • Warehouse – define the warehouse where the product is produced
  • Back flush Location – define the warehouse where material is back flushed
  • Project – define the project associated with this product for reporting purposes
  • Distribution Rule – define the distribution rule for financial transactions
  • Cost Dimensions – define the dimensions for reporting purposes
  • Issue Type - modify the picking method of inventory transaction per product
  • Mass Replace - replace selected materials and bill of materials within another material