Ingredient Declaration

An extension to product master data, ProcessForce provides the necessary functions to define nutrient and ingredient information. Combined with allergen, percentage daily intake values and pack versus serving size, ProcessForce provides the necessary data to produce ingredient listings and declaration statements to  support the process of creating product labels.

    • Template – define a list of nutrients or ingredients that are copied into the product master data to allow for quick data entry
    • Business Partner – record the business partner that supplies the ingredient
    • Specification reference – record the vendors or industry specification for an ingredient
    • Specification date – record the date of the specification
    • Category – define a category to group like ingredients e.g. sugars, fats, vegetables, oils
    • Allergens – define a list of allergens and record which ingredients contain such allergens
    • Pack Serving sizes – define a list of pack sizes, alternative unit of measures and serving size
    • %Daily Value – define a list of nutrient and ingredient percentage daily intake values
    • Alternative code – define common, scientific or Codex Alimentarius INS or E A U numbers
    • Reports – Ingredient listing, declaration statement, and percentage daily value