Manufacturing Orders

ProcessForce manufacturing orders  are generated in numerous ways to cater for different production methods and processes. Fundamentally they are used to plan, execute and record production activities.

  • Order dependent  Bill of Material and Routing - allows for the modification of the product structure and production process to manage every day changes that may occur within production rather than changing company standards
  • Method of creation - manually, via MRP based on Sales and/or Forecasts, and Sales Order back-to-back
  • Demand Allocation - link multiple Sales Orders to production supply orders
  • Dates - enter the required, planned start and planned end dates
  • Schedule - forward or backwards to calculate the planned start or planned end date.
  • Warehouse - the default warehouse where production will occur
  • Planned vs Actual Quantity - monitor the order and item quantity status
  • Material Shortage - check available and shortages of stock within planned warehouse and across all warehouses
  • Traceability - review all the documents associated with picking and receiving inventory
  • Issue Type - alter inventory issues methods from manual to back flush and vice versa
  • Operation Times - review operation times and overlaps
  • Reporting - report on the status change of operations and record actual production time