Product Costing

ProcessForce Product Costing has been built to take advantage of all the costing methods provided by SAP Business One. Thus providing a solution which supports the costing, analysis and finance controlling operations.

  • Methods - Standard, Moving Average, FIFO and Batch Costing
  • Revision - calculate the cost of a product on a revision basis
  • Flexibility - cost products based upon a combination of costing methods
  • Costing Calculation - based on manual, price list, and automatic calculation
  • Factors - include scrap, yield and factors within costing roll-ups
  • Cost Categories - define cost category for valuation, what-if simulation and analysis 
  • Types - define material and resource costs
  • Time - define different costs for the elements of production time, queue, setup, runtime and stock
  • Overhead - define fixed and variable overheads as a value or a percentage
  • Cost allocation - proportion production costs across products, coproducts and byproducts
  • Product analysis - calculate and review costed bill of materials and routings
  • Visibility - pre, during and post calculation of manufacturing order costs
  • Variances - calculate and manage costing variances
  • General Ledger - define additional costing accounts by product group and warehouse 
  • Branches - financial postings based on SAP Branch codes