Quality Control Management

ProcessForce quality solution, is an easy to use but flexible addition to the application. This solution provides the tools and processes to manage the quality process from purchase goods receipt to customer delivery.

    • Test Protocol – define standard templates to be used within the quality control process
    • QC Test – record the activity and results of the tested properties
    • Status and Date  – manage the QC test cycle
    • Non Conforming Materials Report – record specific actions and generate report
    • Inspectors – define individuals  performing QC activities
    • Reason and Defect Codes – define analysis codes and groups for reporting purposes
    • Resources – define the resources to perform the testing e.g. microscope, x-ray machine, weight scales
    • Items – define the materials that are required to perform the test e.g. gloves, safety glasses
    • Frequency – define the frequency and method of testing
    • Transactions – define the process point where the QC test will be performed
    • Alerts – business alerts to communicate to inspectors when tests are required to be performed
    • Instructions – define instruction steps for performing the test or recording additional notes
    • Attachments – to define and link to detailed instructions, procedures, videos
    • Warehouse – define tests for specific warehouse
    • Project – define tests as part of a project
    • Analysis – dash  board and reporting